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Pit Furnace Line

For many heat treatment professionals, the ability to handle added flexibility with varying work pieces and part geometry is critical to the daily work schedule. Aichelin’s Vertical Retort furnace line represents the beneficial out growth of years of practical experience and design within this highly demanding field of application.Read more…

Nitrocarburizing has acquired increasing significance especially when the process is combined with steam oxidation. The result of this heat treatment is a wear resistant oxidation layer which is similar to hard chrome plating with comparably good corrosion resistance. Read more…

Flexiclean vacuum washer for nitriding Quality treated parts require impeccably clean surfaces before and after heat treatment. In a majority of cleaning operations, the technician typically arbitrates between the three (3) primary operating variables of time, temperature and concentration in qualifying the Read more…
Batch Furnace Internal Quench Like a dependable tool, Aichelin´s Chamber furnace line continues to earn its reputation as a reliable and flexible workhorse. These proven attributes are derived from its distinctive and robust design characteristics. Whether implemented as a stand-alone unit or Read more…
Heat treatment plants for the heating and subsequent press-hardening of blanks for the automotive industry as well as the hardening of shafts and other steel components. Read more…
Pusher Furnace Aichelin
Pusher Furnace
Rotary Furnace with quenching press
Rotary Furnace

mesh belt or cast plate belt furnace
Cast Link Belt furnace
furnace for press quenching
Ring Hearth Furnace

Drum Rotary Retort Furnace-001

Drum Rotary Retort Furnace

Mesh Belt Furnace

Mesh Belt Furnace

Heat Treatment Washing Machine Flawlessly clean surfaces are essential for the quality of the end products when components are heat-treated. AICHELIN offers systems with aqueous solutions and neutral detergents for cleaning and drying components before and after the heat treatment. Read more…  
Endogas generator Within many steel heat treatment processes the use of protective atmospheres is essential to maintaining desired surface metallurgical properties. Atmosphere«s provide protection from the negative effects of surface oxidation and decarburization while at the same time Read more…

AICHELIN pusher-type furnaces convince with lowest possible energy and maintenance costs

A recent cost-effectiveness comparison of AICHELIN pusher-type furnaces for process gas carburizing with oil quenching and low pressure carburizing furnaces with gas quenching has confirmed […]


Austrian AICHELIN Group acquires AFC-Holcroft, the US market leader in heat treatment solutions

Austrian AICHELIN Group acquires AFC-Holcroft, the US market leader in heat treatment solutions Acquisition of Atmosphere Group, holding company of AFC-Holcroft finalized Consolidation in the […]

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