After Sales

After Sales Service


Full performance of the plant through pro-active maintenance – periodic maintenance in co-operation between manufacturer and plant operator.

Take advantage of the Aichelin Service Contract:

  • Best possible condition of your plants reached achieved by close co-operation between plant operator and manufacturer
  • Consistent remedy of errors and defects and reduction of error causes as well as component optimisation to for increasing safety and performance improvement of the plant

Modernization & Modification

Profit from our innovations and developments of new heat treatment systems and components to bring older plants up to date. We create modernization and modification concepts for the technical and economic optimization of your plant:

  • modernization, modification and repair of burner
  • modernization of control units
  • automated burning out
  • FOCOS (documentation of processes, parts-management, automated reconfiguration of furnace process)
  • fire-proof brickwork
  • increase of unit output
  • relocation of plants

Spare Parts