AICHELIN pusher-type furnaces convince with lowest possible energy and maintenance costs

A recent cost-effectiveness comparison of AICHELIN pusher-type furnaces for process gas carburizing with oil quenching and low pressure carburizing furnaces with gas quenching has confirmed the advanced AICHELIN technology. The result can be summed up in the following key statements: Modern AICHELIN pusher-type furnaces always achieve lower total costs per kg heat treatment goods compared to low pressure carburizing furnaces. On average, low pressure carburizing is approx. 35% more expensive. Whether at full or reduced furnace utilization, by comparison modern AICHELIN pusher-type furnace concepts convince with lower energy, maintenance and furnace depreciation costs. We would be happy to assist you too in the planning of the most economical and energy-efficient heat treatment plant according to your requirements, or calculate your future saving potential with your help.