Batch IQ Furnace

Batch IQ Furnace

Like a dependable tool, Aichelin´s batch furnace line continues to earn its reputation as a reliable and flexible workhorse. These proven attributes are derived from its distinctive and robust design characteristics. Whether implemented as a stand-alone unit or combined with the full compliment of AHTS support systems, it assures reliable performance and a significant return on investment. When searching for heat treatment equipment that ensures reliability with reduced downtime, lower operational costs and future growth capability, look first to Aichelin for your preferred solution option. Depending on your requirements, Aichelin offers a multitude of multi purpose batch furnace designs with integral preheat chamber, quench system, charge transport system, washing machine and auxiliary cooling systems.

Batch Furnace Applications:

  • Small to medium Heat Treat applications.
  • Requiring higher degree of flexibility in Heat Treat Processes.
  • Potential for future growth and system expansion.

Available Processes:

  • Gas Carburizing (w/ direct hardening, w/ intermediate cooling, w/ charge cooling under protective gas)
  • Re-carburizing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Nitrocarburizing
  • Gas Nitriding
  • Hardening (with oil 100°F-180°F, with hot bath oil up to 300°F, with salt 280°-850°F)
  • Normalizing
  • Annealing
  • Brazing (Max Temperature 1100°C / 2012°F)
  • Sintering