Flexiclean® – Cleaning System for cleaning before Nitriding Process

Flexiclean® – Cleaning System for cleaning before Nitriding Process

Quality treated parts require impeccably clean surfaces before and after heat treatment. In a majority of cleaning operations, the technician typically arbitrates between the three primary operating variables of time, temperature and concentration in qualifying the appropriate wash program and equipment. Specific soils dictate explicit cleaning detergents applied within a prescribed temperature, concentration and dwell time. Aside from varying spray impingement pressures, the unwavering reality of the cleaning process often involves limited flexibility with an ever-increasing incoming soil content.

Flexiclean – the environmental-friendly alternative

To increase flexibility in removing the multitude of varying soils and undertake the difficult task of removing tough conversion coating surfaces (ex. dephosphatizing), Aichelin has developed a washer system that is engineered to boost overall cleaning efficiency by reducing the working pressure within the wash vessel.

The trade mark technology including the Vacufill® and Vacupearl® process offers the beneficial advantages of cleaner surfaces, greater part flexibility, reduced utilities and shorter drying times due to evacuated drying cycles. Whether implemented as a stand-alone unit or combined as an integral component to a fully automated furnace line, this system assures reliable performance and a significant return on investment.

Working principle of Flexiclean washing machines

The process sequence involves the following steps:

  1. The Flexiclean unit is charged with the appropriate loading of work pieces in the tray size specified for the unit (see system options and capabilities).
  2. The wash chamber is flooded according to the Vacufill® system with the appropriate cleaning/rinse solution.
  3. By means of the Vacupearl® process the chamber is evacuated to a reduced pressure where subsequent boiling of the wash solution is achieved.
  4. The chamber can be rotated upon a fixed access to assist the already effective scrubbing action of the wash solution under boiling conditions. Soils are dislodged from the part surface where they are eventually drained to a holding tank located in the aft section of the equipment.
  5. Depending on the Flexiclean model selected, the system can offer up to 3-solution storage tanks integral to the operation of the equipment. This in turn enables the possible application of up to 3 separate cleaning solutions to the process. The added option of spray nozzles within the chamber area compliments the already effective soak and agitation programs.
  6. Drying via evacuation of the wash chamber after the removal of the cleaning solution(s) assures a rapid drying cycle at reduced operating temperatures.

As with all Aichelin systems, the Flexiclean unit can be fully automated with a multitude of stored programs and process sequences at the operato’s fingertips. Program entry and reliable data collection assure a quality and dependable process. The cleaning solution holding tanks offer integrated filtration systems that utilize coalesce technology for removing oils as well as filter media for troublesome particulate.

Available sizes:



Usable Dimensions

(W x L x H)(in.)

Capacity (lb.)

Flexiclean 2
20 x 35 x 22
Flexiclean 3
24 x 43 x 26
Flexiclean 4/1
28 x 51 x 26
Flexiclean 4/2
28 x 51 x 33
Flexiclean 5/1
35 x 59 x 26
Flexiclean 5/2
35 x 59 x 33

Benefits of Flexiclean Washing Systems

  • Reduced pressure boiling supports the flotation of organic soils and increases scrubbing within the dense area thus providing superior cleaning results within typically hard to reach areas including blind holes.
  • The integrated coalesce separators within the solution holding tanks provide automatic removal of oils and grease from the wash solution. Good contaminant removal assures solution integrity and longevity, thus reducing water consumption and discharge to waste treatment.
  • Additional ultrasonic cleaning is available for applications involving particularly persistent soils.
  • Flexiclean equipment can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing and heat treatment production lines.


Flexiclean Washer System