Hot Forming Furnaces

Step-Chain Conveyor Furnace for Hot Forming and Press Hardening

Heat treatment plants for the heating and subsequent press-hardening of blanks for the automotive industry as well as the hardening of shafts and other steel components.

Our hot forming furnaces are available for the direct hot forming process, as well as for the indirect process (press hardening) and can be used with or without product carriers. Instead of ceramic rollers our hot formin furnace uses a patented step chain conveyor system.

Advantages of the heatXpress furnace design:

  • Short conveying times from the furnace into the press, selectable cooling times down to a minimum time of 4.2 seconds
  • High positioning precision of the drive system. The goods carriers are positioned in front of the press with a precision of +/- 1 mm
  • The drive system is suitable for direct hotforming process (blanks directly on the transport system) as well as for indirect press hardening process (blanks on goods carriers)
  • The distances between the goods carriers inside the hot forming furnace can be kept at a minimum, the furnace is thus shorter than usual roller hearth furnace
  • No roller cracks caused by intrusion of the lamination material of the blanks
  • No reversing of the furnace drive in case of production standstills and power blackouts is necessary
  • Longer maintenance intervals for the furnace doors (due to the execution with 2 parallel heating chambers)
  • Ceramic radiant tubes for our energy-efficient recuperated burners cause less maintenance and allow better heat transmission


  • Press-Hardening (indirect process)
  • Hot Forming (direct process)
  • Hardening


  • Blanks – uncoated or coated wit AL-Si or Zinc layer
  • Various Steel Components


heatXpress Furnace for indirect Press Hardening

heatXpress Furnace for direct Hot Forming