Our History

Company History

Tradition and Progress 

Founded in 1868, the Aichelin history begins in Stuttgart Germany as a manufacturer of residential and commercial cooking stoves. It is from these humble beginnings that a commitment to quality workmanship is established and a reputation is forged. The early years where a time of inspiration and perseverance. Our ingenuity did not go without recognition as Aichelin’s was rewarded by numerous international patents and awards across Europe.It was in 1910 when news from the America’s noted a successful metal heat treatment process was changing the direction of the metals industry. Originated in America, Aichelin brought forth this developing technology to the European community under a specialized licensing agreement. Creativity knows no boundaries however and it was in 1924 that Aichelin brought forth modern gas carburization into the manufacturing world. Through gas carburization the foundation was laid for subsequent and successful growth of the organization to its current structure.

Aichelin’s commitment to developing new technologies continues to be the cornerstone in securing our position as a dominant force in the heat treatment industry. We sustain a leadership role by developing a rather extensive capability portfolio as it relates to FNC and Nitriding applications, High Efficiency / Low NOxBurner Systems, Induction Hardening and Specialized Quenching Techniques.The Aichelin commitment is as strong today as it was more than 140 years ago. Although born in Germany, Aichelin represents a multicultural organization with global resources, affiliations and client references. Whether in Europe, East Asia, South America or the United States, Aichelin’s provides local support, complimented by an international and organized network. Let more than 140 years of excellence work for you in meeting your next heat treatment system requirements.