Pit Furnace with Vertical Retort

Pit Furnace / Vertical Retort

For many heat treatment professionals, the ability to handle added flexibility with varying work pieces and part geometry is critical to the daily work schedule. Aichelin’s vertical retort pit furnace line represents the beneficial out growth of years of practical experience and design within this highly demanding field of application. From the smallest of needle bearings to the largest gear, we offer a multitude of existing pit furnace designs available for a variety of heat treatment processes and part geometries.

As a mature product line, the client is assured of the inherent benefits derived from our robust and proven design technologies. Uniform heating, lower operating costs and reduced atmospheric gas consumption are just a few of the basic credentials that have made the Aichelin brand name synonymous with quality. To date, we installed over 800 pit furnaces around the globe, including many applications in North America.

Pit Furnace Applications

  • Very small to very large work pieces.
  • User requires a higher degree of flexibility in Heat Treat Processes.
  • Limited work space available.

Pit Furnace Processes

  • Gas Carburizing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Gas Nitriding
  • Hardening
  • Tempering
  • Annealing (with or without atmosphere)
  • Soldering & Ageing

Advantages of Retort Pit Furnaces with Compensator

  • Charge weights up to 60,000 lb depending of pit furnace size
  • Reduction of moisture content as found in bricked furnaces
  • Inner guiding cylinder improves temperature uniformity
  • Cover guiding arch to improve temperature uniformity
  • Faster carbon potential increase due to reduced brick surface
  • Insulation is outside of the vertical retort, unexposed to furnace gases increasing the life time of the bricks
  • Heating elements also located outside eliminate the possibility of gas leakage through heater bushings
  • Retort and Compensator are easily replaced requiring less shut down time to replace the furnace bricks
  • High quality heat treatment

Capacities and Options

  • Aichelin’s vertical retort pit furnace systems are available in a variety of sizes and treatment options.
  • Available design features such as brick or fiber insulation.
  • Closed or bottomless retort.
  • Gas or Electric Fired.

Adjunct Products

  • Temper/Anneal Pit Furnace, temperature up to 930°F (with or without N2 atmosphere)
  • Temper/Anneal Pit Furnace, temperature up to 1400°F (with or without N2 atmosphere)
  • Standard Pit Waster System (immersion or spray)
  • Exclusive Flexiclean® Washer System (vacuum spray and immersion)
  • Control & Supervisory System.


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