Roller Hearth Furnace

Roller Hearth Furnace

As a technology focal point, the roller hearth product line has been a reliable mainstay and key strength for over 50 years within the Aichelin portfolio. The versatility in processing capabilities in conjunction with high throughput capacities qualifies the roller hearth as a preferred solution in meeting an array of heat treatment requirements. From primary heat treatment to specialized material applications, Aichelin roller heath systems offer state of the art technology offering the best in North American and European technology.

Roller Hearth Furnace Applications:

  • “Flat” geometry parts, example-bearing casings
  • “Rounded” parts of various metallurgy
  • Larger volume Heat Treatment Applications


  • Martensite Hardening
  • Bainite Hardening
  • Normalizing
  • Isothermal Annealing
  • Carburizing (limited applications)
  • Carbonitriding (limited applications)
  • Nitrocarburizing (limited applications)
  • Non Ferrous Applications (solution aging of aluminum, bright annealing, surface cleaning of oxygen)
  • Stress Relieving
  • Solution Annealing / Aging – Aluminum
  • Through put 100 to 10,000 lb/hr

Aichelin Roller Hearth Furnace Features and Benefits:

  • Patented Spring Flood® quenching technology.
  • Oscillation of rollers within the quench zone assures a rapid and uniform quenching cycle.
  • Rapid and uniform quench rates helps to assure minimal distortion.
  • Availability for “rapid” cooling zone provides optimum temperature control for special applications including isothermal annealing.
  • Advanced conveyor conception includes multiple “transport” zones assuring rapid transition from one treatment zone to the next.
  • Variable speed drive mechanisms provide for an infinite possibility of production schedules regardless of charge size, heat treat requirements or metallurgy.
  • Greater flexibility minimizes the possibility of costly extended down turns or inefficient charge loadings.
  • System designed not to exceed a 2 mm bend in the roll alignment based upon charge sizing, roll spacing, operating temperature and process time.
  • Operational enhancements include added savings within the operating cost due to extended roll longevity.
  • In the event of power interruption, rolls are oscillated 110 degrees within the heat zones to minimize deformation and subsequent misalignment. This provides the user with the assurance of continued roll performance even after an extended power outage.
  • Emergency N2 cooling system for bearing housings. Assures integrity of the bearing components in the event of an unexpected power outage.
  • Automatic charging system option enables exact compiling of the load, assuring reproducibility as it relates to the heat treatment process and quality of results.