Aichelin USA

About Aichelin Heat Treatment Systems Inc.

Headquartered in Europe, Aichelin’s commitment to the US and North American Market is best represented by our 17,000 square foot facility centrally located within the “Hub” of the Heat Treatment Industry. Our Farmington Hills Michigan facilities are professionally supported by customer service, project engineering and a responsive product support staff.

The establishment of our North American operations has enabled AHTS USA the ability to leverage our proven and dynamic product portfolio with domestically supported project engineering and technical service. As part of our commitment to North America we offer several standardized US designs, subsequently leveling the playing field as it relates to pricing and accessibility to domestically manufactured spare parts. For those applications involving a higher degree of foreign manufactured content, our added floor space allows for an increase inventory of spare parts manufactured abroad. This includes critical long lead items and specialty parts such as refractories and mechanical / electrical supporting components. AHTS also works to develop similar plans with our subcontractors and part suppliers, particularly in special order materials such as radiant tubes, fixtures and tray systems. Additionally, our networking within Aichelin’s global organization allows us to cover a wide range of spare parts needed to ensure your equipment does not have to endure extended shut down periods due to unavailability of spare parts (foreign or domestic) or unresponsive service. Depending on your requirements, Aichelin can provide a spare parts program custom tailored to your application and comfort level.

We welcome and encourage all interested parties to schedule a visit to our facility in Farmington Hills. For more information, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you.